Claudia Buder

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28. September 2019 · 18.00 — Thessaloniki, Horodentro, Katholikon 4  — Course

The sound of time

8 flavours of the everyday life of music education for a lively teaching process

Education is what’s left, when even the last dollar is gone. (Mark Twain)

Throughout her long teaching experience, Prof. Claudia Buder acknowledges the essential role of education in social life. Education belongs to humanity’s most distinguished commodities.

For Prof. Claudia Buder the art of teaching is not a secondary activity, but her mission’s core. She aims to provide the highest quality, independent of age or level of education.

From young to old, from simple to complex, decisive is not WHAT but HOW!

During the seminar, the following topics which can improve an individual teaching method, will be discussed:

Ability and Skill

Through a colourful picture of 27 years of experience in music education, Claudia Buder will outline possibilities of shaping musical action in the teaching and learning processes.